L I N K S 

Organic Acidemia Association

Information on organic acidemia's (metabolic errors)


GA1 Specific- Information on GA1 and support groups


National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. -general-

Resource Directory

Resource for children with special needs, medical assistance and support groups


A unique support group which teams you up with a child with a similiar "need"

Dietary Specialties, Inc

Low Protein foods resource

Mayer Johnson Inc

Products for special needs and education


Solid maple furniture, toys and equipment for children with disabilities

Snug Seat

Good site for walkers, wheel chairs and adaptive equipment


The Mid-Atlantic Connection for PKU and Allied Disorders, Inc


Research Trust Metabolic Disorder Center. Based in England. This is a good site to use as a resource guide, they link families, sponser medical conferences, etc.


Drug Company that makes Baclofen and Inrathecal Baclofen pumps for spasticity


International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Genetic Alliance

Advocacy Organization for Genetic groups. They sponsor annual workshops and conferences and put out numerous newletters.

Save Babies Through Screening

Formerly the Tyler for Life Foundation, Inc. This is a non-profit voluntary organization whose mission is to improve the lives of babies by preventing mental retardation and death resulting from disorders detectable through newborn screening.


Poineers of low to high tech communication devices.


Pharmaceutical Company and makers of Carnitor

Pediatrix Screening

Information supplemental newborn screening


Sigma-Tau's website on Carnitor (carnitine)

Rare- Diseases

Office of Rare Diseases

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials for serious or life threatening diseases


National Urea Cycles Disorder Foundation

Cambrooke Foods

Supplier of low protein foods. Products include: bagels, breads, pastas, cheeses, baking products, snack foods and chocolates

Clinic for Special Children


Altimate Medical

Standing frames and mobility aids for people with disabilities

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